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Diseases Like Zoonoses, Viral infection,


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Nowadays we are facing lots of Diseases in the world. From which some are rare diseases and some are common diseases… But normally people don’t know about them. So, we are here to share with you some common diseases.


Here is a list of some common diseases:


1. Zoonosis
2. Ringworm
3. Giardiasis
4. Cryptosporidiosis
5. Q fever
6. Scabies
7. Lymphatic filariasis
8. Tularemia
9. Campylobacteriosis
10. Brucellosis
11. Leptospirosis
12. Plague
13. Genetic disorder list
14. Viral Infection
15. Avian influenza
16. Parasitic disease
17. Toxoplasmosis
18. Psittacosis
19. Hookworm infection
20. Leishmaniasis
21. chikungunya
22. Cat-scratch disease
23. African trypanosomiasis
24. Tick-borne disease
25. Anthrax
26. Lyme disease
27. Rabies


On we will share all these diseases in details. we will also add some more diseases in this list…


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