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Some micro-organisms can be transferred from animals to people and may cause diseases. Such diseases are called zoonoses.

Anthrax Disease and It’s Type

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Anthrax is a type of disease most often considered very deadly. Anthrax outbreaks have been recorded through history, with the most recent having been in the year 2001 when Anthrax spores were utilized as a biological weapon. The spores in powder form have been enclosed in letters and sent to several people via U.S. Mail, […]

Brucellosis: A Zoonotic Disease


What is Brucellosis? It is causing several economic, sanitary and environmental issues. Consequently, some drastic measures have been used to eradicate it. Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that mainly affects wild ungulates and domestic animals, especially livestock herds. In animals,the disease can manifest itself as arthritis, or can cause abortions. When there is no abortion, […]

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