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Malaria, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Malaria, Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

Various types of diseases arise due to sudden changes in weather. Including dengue, typhoid, fever, chickengunki etc. One of these is Malaria, which is caused by a special type of mosquito bite.

These mosquitoes are produced in rainy days. This is a kind of infectious disease that causes bacteria called protozoa.

Malaria bacteria is produced from female anopheles mosquito. By biting the mosquito, malaria bacteria enter the human red blood cells and pollute it.

After that, the symptoms of anemia appear in the person, including dizziness, breathlessness and tachycardia etc.

In addition, symptoms like fever, grief, cold and vomiting also indicate malaria. Due to non-treatment of this disease, the person can get death only.
So if any of these symptoms appear in the person, then consult the doctor immediately. Its first sign is a high fever which grows and descends, its period ranges from about 10 to 12 days.

This can happen to anyone of any age. In the right time, the person does not even get the right treatment. Only by protecting against the diseases in monsoon, we can save ourselves and our children from them.

Today, we are going to tell you some important precautions related to malaria with the help of which you can save yourself from this disease.

Symptoms of Malaria: –

This fever can come to the person in three ways:

In which the first patient starts getting cold with a high fever and his body starts to cupcake.

Second, in which the patient comes with high fever and sweat and vomiting.

Apart from this, the third person in which a person feels very sweat is also called Sweat Maleria.

Apart from this, you can also find out if the person is suffering from malaria or not by some other symptoms.

• Cupcake exfoliation with the most prominent high fever.

• Wintering

• Vomiting

• Pain in the head or body

• to sweat

• Lack of glucose in the blood

• Diarrhea

• Acute pain in the body

By these symptoms you can know whether the patient is suffering from malaria or not.

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Prevention of Malaria : –

Malaria is a dangerous killer disease that occurs in the rainy season, which is spread by female Anopheles mosquito bites. This mosquito bites one person’s infected insecticide into another person’s blood.

By this, these germs spread rapidly in the body of a healthy person and the person becomes ill with malaria. It is therefore necessary to be protected against these diseases. This disease is caused by a special type of mosquito bite that grows in dirty water.

These mosquitoes give their eggs in the water collected at the place in rainy season. Do not allow water to be collected around your house. Once a week, if you are not able to softer the cooler, if possible, put petrol in it, do not let the rain water in the pot of broken broken utensils, tires and birds, because the mosquitoes grow in such a mess is.

Put Odomos etc cream on your body before sleeping on the night and if possible, sleep in mosquito dent. This reduces the risk of mosquito bites.
Dressed in full dress in rainy season and covering your body.

Do not eat out of food as much as possible in this season because the food also gets contaminated by sitting on an infected mosquito meal.
Boil water and drink it, so that all the impurities in it are exhausted.

Use mosquito killers and anti-inflammatory medicines in your home. This is less likely to cause mosquitoes. And we keep away from their wrath.
Through these very small precautions, you can also protect yourself and your children from malaria.

Treatment of malaria: –

Malaria fever fluctuates, which is a bit difficult to grasp, but today the disease can be easily detected by the technology developed by science. After ensuring the disease, proper treatment and care are required, which is not possible for many people.

Today we are going to tell you some home remedies that can help you with malaria. You do not even need to go to expensive hospital for them and neither do you have to pay the doctors’ fees.

So let’s know home remedies for malaria prevention: –

• The properties found in Basil help in reducing malaria as soon as possible. For this take 10 to 15 leaves of Tulsi and make a mixture of 8 to 10 black pepper and eat it. In addition to this, you can also take these two substances together with their tea.

• Muthri is also used in the treatment of malaria. For this, grind 10 gram seeds and 10 grams of black pepper and grind together. Now add 30 grams jaggery to it and take it. Remember that the quantity of consumption should be 6 gram. Take it with fresh water in malaria and your fever will start decreasing soon.

Garlic, which is used in our food, is used in Malaria too. For this, eat raw garlic pieces. In addition, add 2 buds of garlic to olive oil and heat it and massage the oil of your feet with this oil. After this, take care of one thing, keep your feet wrapped in a cloth, which will ease the malaria quickly.

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